Apply to Polygon To Kickstart web3 Bootcamp For Africa Developer

Apply to Polygon To Kickstart web3 Bootcamp For Africa Developer
Photo by GuerrillaBuzz / Unsplash

Polygon is launching an eight-week intensive educational course and hackathon Bootcamp program in partnership with Xend Finance.

Polygon Bootcamp Arica applications are open for individuals interested in breaking into the Web3 space. Polygon will provide resources to developers, builders, and creators in Africa.

"An internet and blockchain revolution is underway across the continent. Africa has seen a 50-fold increasein internet users since 2000, with 75% of people estimated to be online by 2030. Mobile technology itself has already created 1.7 million jobs and spurred $144 billion in economic value across the continent. Our partnership with Nigerian startup Xend Finance, leading a Web3 revolution by making DeFi more accessible to everyone, shows the growing awareness of blockchain as a solution for real world problems. We’ve sponsored ETH Safari and the upcoming Crypto Fest, and supported communities in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other African countries, because we know developers across the continent are eager to take the future into their hands.Now is the right time to ensure high-quality education for the next generation of developers in Africa. Polygon’s best-in-class tech will help Ethereum and blockchain get a foothold on a continent with many diverse hubs of innovation, where transnational and decentralized coordination are prized. "  According to a statement on polygon website

The Bootcamp will be split into two tracks:

Beginner track: for Web3 newbies and Web2 developers looking for a change. This is your start to a different career, a new web, and capturing more of the value you create. Participants will learn all about blockchain mechanics, writing smart contracts, decentralized computing, and what it takes to launch an app. 

Mastery track: for the well-traveled Web3 builders with a few feathers in their cap. You might be moonlighting as a Web3 developer, or maybe you’ve committed your career to the new web. Participants will learn the ins and outs of Polygon’s scaling solutions. 

There are cash prizes to be won during eight(8) week program, If this sounds very interesting to you, you can Apply to Polygon Bootcamp Africa