Coinbase Teams Up with Yellow Card for African Market Expansion

The collaboration aligns with Coinbase's "Go Broad, Go Deep" strategy, emphasizing compliant international expansion.

Coinbase Teams Up with Yellow Card for African Market Expansion
Image / Coinbase

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is making strategic moves to expand its services in emerging economies, starting with a partnership with African stablecoin exchange Yellow Card. The collaboration aims to offer increased access to Coinbase's products in 20 countries across Africa.

Coinbase Wallet users in the specified African nations will soon have the ability to purchase USDC directly within the Wallet app, starting this February. This move is set to facilitate seamless access to the USD Coin, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

Beyond mere acquisition, Coinbase Wallet users will enjoy fee-free transfers of USDC on various platforms. This includes popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram, as well as through social media channels and email.
Yellow Card's platform will play a pivotal role in the partnership, allowing users to procure USDC on Base. This integration will not only provide cost-effective transactions but also ensure faster processing through the Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain.

Addressing Economic Challenges
The initiative is strategically positioned to tackle economic challenges prevalent in regions facing high inflation and dependence on remittances. By embracing USDC, users can shield their savings from the volatility associated with unstable local currencies.

Unlocking Economic Freedom
In countries with elevated inflation rates, which stands at 18.5% across Africa, the adoption of cryptocurrencies like USDC can provide a safeguard against economic volatility. The move aligns with the increasing prevalence of crypto use in countries like Nigeria and South Africa.
The collaboration seeks to transform the remittance landscape by offering users an alternative to traditional fiat transfers. Instead of enduring high fees ranging from 3% to 6%, users can now expect remittances at a maximum cost of 2%, processed within minutes or seconds, a significant improvement from the days-long wait with conventional methods.

Empowering Everyday Commerce
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa often face challenges in accessing global financial systems due to hurdles in opening USD and Euro accounts. Through the availability of USDC, SMEs will gain a direct pathway to participate in the global financial landscape.

Harnessing the Youth Demographic
Africa, known for having the youngest population globally, presents an opportunity for crypto adoption. Younger demographics, familiar with mobile technology, are more likely to recognize the advantages of cryptocurrencies. The partnership aims to cater to the expectations of consumers who seek financial solutions with the speed, reach, and autonomy of the internet.

Coinbase's Broader Vision
This move aligns with Coinbase's broader strategy, emphasizing both broad partnerships and close engagements with local regulators. The goal is to expand access to crypto in compliant ways, fostering innovation and bringing more than one billion people into the crypto space.

Coinbase's partnership with Yellow Card represents a significant step towards offering accessible, cost-effective, and globally integrated financial solutions, particularly in regions that have historically faced economic challenges.