SPACE ID Announces Launch of Season 3 Grant Program for Web3 Ecosystem Growth

Web3 identity platform, SPACE ID, gears up for the third season of its Grant Program, marking significant growth in the ecosystem and offering more support for developers and innovators.

SPACE ID Announces Launch of Season 3 Grant Program for Web3 Ecosystem Growth

SPACE ID recently concluded its second season of the SPACE ID Grant Program on a high note. The program has established itself as a pivotal catalyst for fostering the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. Notable achievements in Season 2 included the seamless integration of the Web3 Name SDK and support for name services such as (.bnb, .arb, .sei, and .inj.)

Reflecting on Season 2

In Season 2, SPACE ID witnessed remarkable growth and success, solidifying its role in supporting industry pioneers. The program funded various pioneering projects, ranging from cutting-edge asset and identity management tools to a leading exchange platform. Here's a brief breakdown:

  • Exchange Track: Witnessing 3 remarkable projects.
  • Wallet Track: Backing 1 standout project.
  • Tooling Track: Fueling 1 game-changing project.
  • Gaming Track: Nurturing 2 ambitious projects.
  • Infrastructure Track: Fostering 1 pioneering project.
  • DApps Track: Empowering a staggering 23 projects.

The total grant distribution for Season 2 reached an impressive $30,550.

Get Ready for Season 3!

With the wind at their backs, SPACE ID is thrilled to kick off Season 3 of the esteemed Grant Program. The mission remains unchanged - to provide developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators with unparalleled resources within the digital identity landscape.

The projects will be divided into two categories, which is: Core and Community.

The Core category: Will focus on projects that contribute to the development and improve of SPACE ID Platform, such as exchange, wallet, infrastructure and many more.

The Community Category: Will focus on projects that use the SPACE ID to create innovative and user-friendly applications, such as DApp, gaming, Social media, etc.

The release of SPACE ID 3.0, coupled with the enhanced Web3 Name SDK, sets the stage for another extraordinary season. A substantial sum of $121,650 is up for grabs, presenting an incredible opportunity for Web3 enthusiasts.

Key Dates and Application Process for Season 3:

  • Application Period: October 16th - December 31st, 2023
  • Eligibility Criteria: Detailed criteria, categories, tracks, assessment, and judging guidelines are available in the program documentation.
  • Ready to Apply? Prepare your project details and data and submit your application via the provided form. Should you encounter any questions or require assistance, the SPACE ID community manager @nilah_double on Telegram is readily available to help.


SPACE ID is more than a platform; it's a visionary mission to construct a universal name service network. The platform empowers users to discover, register, trade, and manage their Web3 domains, all under one roof. With a powerful Web3 Name SDK & API serving developers across various blockchains, SPACE ID delivers a multi-chain name service, making Web3 identity creation and management a breeze.