Bumble Introduce A.I. Safety Feature Deception Detector to Combat Scams

Bumble plans to enhance the effectiveness of Deception Detector by combining it with other A.I. safety tools and human content moderation.

Bumble Introduce A.I. Safety Feature Deception Detector to Combat Scams
Photo by Good Faces Agency / Unsplash

Bumble, the popular online dating app, is taking a proactive stance against scams and fake profiles with the launch of its new A.I.-powered safety feature, "Deception Detector." This innovative tool utilizes machine learning to analyze patterns and behaviors, identifying and blocking spam, scam accounts, and fake profiles before users encounter them.

During testing, Deception Detector demonstrated impressive efficacy, automatically blocking 95% of accounts flagged as spam or scams. Within just two months of testing, Bumble observed a notable 45% reduction in user-reported cases of spam, scams, and fake accounts across its platforms. Importantly, Deception Detector operates in conjunction with Bumble's existing human moderation team, reinforcing the platform's commitment to comprehensive safety measures.

The motivation behind this safety feature is rooted in Bumble's commitment to user safety. Research conducted by the company revealed that fake profiles and the risk of scams were top concerns among users in the online dating space. Nearly half of surveyed female users expressed anxiety over the authenticity of their matches.

Lidiane Jones, CEO of Bumble, emphasized the company's dedication to building equitable relationships and empowering women to make the first move. "Deception Detector is our latest innovation to help ensure the connections made on our apps are genuine," said Jones.

The prevalence of romance scams has become a significant issue online, with victims losing over $1.3 billion in 2022 alone, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). While many scams originate on social media, approximately 20% can be traced back to dating sites and apps.

Bumble's commitment to user safety extends beyond Deception Detector, with previous A.I. features such as the Private Detector, introduced in 2019, which automatically blurs and labels nude images in chats. Additionally, Bumble for Friends, the platform's dedicated app for finding friends, incorporates A.I.-powered icebreaker suggestions to facilitate engaging conversations between users.

As user expectations around safety and transparency continue to rise, Bumble's member-first approach positions the platform as a leader in integrating technology and human oversight to build trust and provide users with greater peace of mind in the realm of online dating.