Dusty Robotics Unveils FieldPrinter 2 for Enhanced Construction Automation

The platform aims to bridge the gap between digital information in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and real-world construction sites, ensuring accurate and efficient workflows.

Dusty Robotics Unveils FieldPrinter 2 for Enhanced Construction Automation
Image / Dusty Robotics

Construction technology innovator Dusty Robotics has launched its FieldPrint Platform, a comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM)-to-field solution designed to enhance construction efficiency and reduce risk. The platform includes a suite of tools to streamline the BIM-to-field workflow for general contractors (GCs) and trade partners. It builds upon Dusty's first-generation FieldPrinter, which has successfully marked over 91 million square feet of layout.

The original FieldPrinter, launched in 2019, marked a significant advancement in construction automation by autonomously drawing chalk outlines on site floors based on blueprints. Now, with FieldPrinter 2, Dusty Robotics aims to further enhance the capabilities of its construction layout robot.

The new FieldPrint Platform introduces a second-generation layout robot, the FieldPrinter 2, which, along with software functionalities, supports accurate and comprehensive BIM model layouts on the construction site. The platform aims to ensure that all contractors work from the same information, reducing errors and improving collaboration.

The FieldPrint Platform includes the following key components:

  1. Compact Design: The new robot is smaller than its predecessor, allowing for improved maneuverability and navigation around obstacles.
  2. Enhanced Printing Capabilities:

Closer to Edges: FieldPrinter 2 can print closer to edges for more precise layouts.

Shadow Printing: The robot introduces "shadow printing," enabling it to print behind columns, expanding coverage in less time.

Wider Print Head: Featuring an extra-wide printhead (1" vs. ½"), the robot can quickly and legibly print points, lines, text, and curves at 300 dpi.

3. On-Board Sensors: Equipped with a full sensor suite, FieldPrinter 2 offers real-time detection of edges, obstacles, and objects, enhancing overall navigation capabilities.

  1. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in at 23 pounds, including the battery, the robot is easy to move and carry, ensuring flexibility on construction sites.
  2. iPad Interface: The robot can be controlled via iPad, providing a user-friendly interface for seamless operation.

Tessa Lau, CEO and Co-founder of Dusty Robotics, emphasized the importance of providing an integrated software+hardware solution. "Construction is fundamentally a data-driven workflow that hinges on the right information being made available to the right person at the right time. Our new FieldPrint Platform supports the seamless flow of data from the design phase to the field and back to the trailer."

As the construction industry continues to embrace robotics and automation, solutions like FieldPrinter 2 play a pivotal role in addressing staffing shortages and improving the overall productivity of construction projects. Dusty Robotics faces competition in this space, notably from HP's SitePrint, as the construction sector becomes a key focus for innovation and technological advancement.