Etsy Aims to Revolutionize Gift Shopping with Gift Mode Launch

The platform plans to iterate and enhance Gift Mode's capabilities, introduce new features, and incorporate marketing efforts, including TV advertising during major sporting events.

Etsy Aims to Revolutionize Gift Shopping with Gift Mode Launch
Image / Etsy

Etsy, the popular online marketplace, has introduced "Gift Mode," a novel feature aimed at simplifying the gift-giving process by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). The platform's Gift Mode combines machine learning algorithms and human curation to provide personalized gift recommendations based on the unique interests and personality of the recipient.

According to Etsy CEO Josh Silverman, the challenges associated with buying gifts, from stress to procrastination, inspired the creation of Gift Mode. With two-thirds of Americans struggling to find the ideal present, Etsy envisions a solution that empowers users throughout the entire gift-giving process.

In addition to personalized gift recommendations, Gift Mode enables users to create gift teasers with notes and tracking information. These teasers can be sent to recipients ahead of the actual delivery, allowing for a more engaging and surprising gift-giving experience. The feature also accommodates last-minute shoppers by allowing them to choose the exact date for gift page reveals, helping them stay within shipping deadlines.

Key features of Gift Mode include:

  1. Personalized Recommendations: Users enter details about the recipient, and Etsy's machine-learning technology matches them with special items from over 100 million listings on the platform. The items are categorized into 200+ recipient personas, such as "The Music Lover" or "The Adventurer."
  2. Gift Teasers: Gift givers can create personalized gift teasers for recipients, complete with a gift note, tracking information, and a sneak peek of the special item. The timing of sending these teasers can be chosen, allowing for last-minute surprises.
  3. Thoughtful Curation: Gift Mode leverages AI and human curation to present a bespoke collection of results for each persona. This ensures that users discover exceptional gifting options tailored to their recipients.

Etsy sees Gift Mode as a strategic investment, aligning with its commitment to becoming a primary destination for gift selection. The company plans to introduce additional features that simplify the process of sending timely and thoughtful gifts for various occasions. The launch coincides with Etsy's inaugural TV advertising campaign, further promoting its capabilities during high viewership sporting events in the coming months.

By integrating the diversity of its marketplace with the personalization and convenience offered by Gift Mode, Etsy aims to maintain a human touch in commerce while alleviating the stress associated with gift-giving. The feature empowers shoppers to find heartfelt and customized presents suited to each unique recipient.