Getty Images Introduces Generative AI for Creative Content Generation

The introduction of Generative AI by iStock marks Getty's second GenAI tool launch amidst an intensifying debate regarding copyright concerns in AI-generated content.

Getty Images Introduces Generative AI for Creative Content Generation
Image Credits: Getty Images

Getty Images, the renowned stock media company, has revealed a service named Generative AI by iStock at CES 2024. This new offering employs AI models trained on Getty’s extensive iStock stock photography and video libraries to craft fresh licensable images and artwork.

Powered partially by Nvidia's technology, Generative AI by iStock is designed to ensure that the generated content avoids replicating copyrighted elements like specific products, individuals, or locations, providing a safeguard against potential legal issues. The service, available in 75 languages, possesses the capability to modify existing images while also generating entirely new ones. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications and plugins via an API.

Customers can access this service at a cost of $15 per 100 generated images, aiming to facilitate an effortless and cost-effective utilization of AI in the creative process while assuring legal compliance.

Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at iStock, emphasized the significance of offering a user-friendly and affordable AI solution in creative workflows. "Our main goal with Generative AI by iStock is to provide customers with an easy and affordable option to use AI in their creative process, without fear that something that is legally protected has snuck into the data set and could end up in their work," Farhall stated in a press release.

GenAI models, trained on a multitude of copyrighted content to generate text and images, have raised concerns about unintentional reproduction of copyrighted material. Notable AI critics Gary Marcus and Reid Southen showcased instances of AI systems regurgitating data, even without specific prompts, leading to concerns about copyright infringement and the lack of accessible tools to address potential violations.

This growing debate has resulted in legal disputes between artists and GenAI developers, alleging copyright infringement. Getty Images itself has sued Stability AI over claims of copying and processing millions of copyrighted images in the U.K.

Acknowledging these concerns, Getty Images is offering $10,000 in legal coverage for each licensed visual generated through Generative AI by iStock, aligning with other vendors' initiatives to cover legal expenses for customers embroiled in copyright lawsuits linked to GenAI tools. This proactive approach aims to alleviate potential legal ramifications and provide a safety net for users utilizing AI-generated content.