Grimes has just introduced a new interactive toy called Grok

Grimes has just introduced a new interactive toy called 'Grok,' which is not connected to Elon Musk's Grok.

Grimes has just introduced a new interactive toy called Grok
Image/ Curio

A toy company named Curio announced their partnership with Grimes on social media platform X. They mentioned that if you order the toy character by Sunday, you'll receive a beta program certificate by mail before Christmas, with toys shipping in early 2024. You can find more details in their post:

The toy, named "Grok," looks like a plush rocketship. Kids can interact with it by asking questions or engaging in imaginative play.

Equipped with a speaker and microphone, the toy sends transcripts of conversations to an app on the parent's phone for monitoring.

Despite the similar name, Grimes' Grok has no connection to Elon Musk's Grok, the large language model integrated into Xai.

According to the Washington Post, Curio holds the trademark for the name. Grimes and the Curio team coined the term "Grocket," inspired by the children's exposure to rockets through Musk's ownership of SpaceX.

In a promotional video, Grimes asks Grok how rocket ships are made, and Grok cheerfully responds with details about materials and design.

Grimes is the voice behind the $99 toy and serves as an advisor and investor in Curio. Currently, Grimes whose real name is Claire Boucher and Elon Musk are in a custody battle over their three children, disputing the jurisdiction for their custody arrangement.

Grok, along with two other plush toys, Gabbo and Grem, is among various AI interactive robot toys. Moxie, an $800 AI robot, recognizes objects with its screen and camera face. The Miko Mini, priced similarly to Grok at $99, has additional features like movement with wheels, sensors, and a screen.