Guardz Secures $18M in Series A Round for Enhanced Cybersecurity

As the world continues to move towards digital, cybersecurity stands as a concern, especially for small businesses. Despite making up the backbone of the global economy, small businesses are often left most vulnerable.

Guardz Secures $18M in Series A Round for Enhanced Cybersecurity
Image / Guardz Team

Guardz, a new player in cybersecurity, proudly announces a major win with an $18 million Series A funding round, a mere ten months post-launch. Their mission: fortify small businesses against cyber threats in partnership with Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

CEO Dor Eisner and CTO Alon Lavi founded Guardz in 2022 with the vision to tackle the challenge and created Guardz to empower MSPs to proactively secure and insure small businesses with a robust and unified cybersecurity platform that protects against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Addressing Cyber Risks for Small Businesses

In today's digital shift, small businesses often fall prey to cyber risks. Guardz steps in to empower MSPs, offering a robust cybersecurity platform. Their vision: to protect small businesses proactively amid mounting threats.

Fueling Growth and Innovation

The fresh funding injection aims to boost Guardz's growth. Plans include developing advanced detection and response tools across various attack fronts and expanding global outreach in sales, marketing, and customer success.

Unwavering Support

Guardz credits its growth to a solid support network: a dedicated team, collaborative MSP partners, and enthusiastic investors like Glilot Capital Partners, Hanaco, iAngels, GKFF, and ClearSky, all united to create a safer digital space for small businesses.

A Vision for Change

Guardz remains resolute in transforming the cybersecurity landscape. Their aim: extend protection to more small businesses, amplifying their impact within the MSP community.