HubSpot to Acquire Clearbit: A Vision to Empower Customers with Data-Driven Insights

HubSpot's Agreement to Acquire Clearbit Marks a Significant Step in Their Efforts to Enhance the Customer Platform with Valuable Data-Driven Insights.

HubSpot to Acquire Clearbit: A Vision to Empower Customers with Data-Driven Insights
Chance Yeh / Getty Images for HubSpot

HubSpot has officially announced its plans to acquire Clearbit, a company founded in 2014, which has been dedicated to collecting comprehensive and valuable data about millions of businesses while developing cutting-edge software to maintain data accuracy and track buying signals across the web. Clearbit's customer-centric approach aligns seamlessly with HubSpot's core philosophy of "Solving For The Customer."

The acquisition of Clearbit presents a significant advancement in HubSpot's customer platform vision, aimed at providing millions of companies with the most insightful and data-driven tools to understand their customers better. While HubSpot's existing platform excels in consolidating data from various sources such as marketing emails, sales calls, support tickets, and website interactions into unified customer records, this acquisition opens up new possibilities by integrating Clearbit's vast dataset of over 20 million companies. This expanded dataset offers not only standard company information but also an array of rich attributes, including demographics (such as identifying the Chief Information Officer) and technographic data (like identifying the marketing automation products used).

The true value lies in the potential to help HubSpot customers discover ideal prospects from these 20 million companies by leveraging data from their existing customers within the HubSpot Smart CRM. Moreover, with Clearbit integrated into the platform, HubSpot can actively monitor customers for buying signals, not only based on their interactions within the platform but also by tracking their activities across the web. The synergy of generative A.I. fueled by this wealth of data enables the creation of highly personalized messages for customer outreach, further enhancing the user experience.

When AI, unified customer data, and the customer platform converge, the result is an amplified go-to-market strategy that empowers customers to achieve growth and build deeper connections with their clients. This strategic development is expected to excite and energize HubSpot's customers and partners, offering a dynamic and enhanced user experience.

The choice of Clearbit as an acquisition target is based on their world-class data and shared commitment to helping customers "grow better." Clearbit boasts extensive and diverse customer data, encompassing over 100+ firmographic, demographic, and technographic attributes for each website-owning company. Their data sources, totaling more than 250 public and private data sources, include social profiles, company websites, legal filings, and crowdsourcing. Clearbit's expertise in B2B data, combined with their leadership's dedication to leveraging AI for customer insights, makes them a valuable addition to HubSpot's culture.

Clearbit's data will swiftly benefit HubSpot's customers. Unlike some acquisitions that require the integration of separate products, the use of Clearbit's data is already part of HubSpot's existing products, with a pre-existing HubSpot integration. This integration ensures that customers can begin deriving value from Clearbit's data immediately.

The acquisition deal has been officially signed, although it may take a few months to complete the process. Once finalized, Clearbit will remain available as a standalone product. HubSpot's long-term plan is to seamlessly integrate Clearbit into its offering, providing customers with an even more powerful data foundation to support their growth and customer engagement efforts.

HubSpot looks forward to welcoming Clearbit into its ecosystem and embarking on the journey to enhance data-driven customer insights for the benefit of its users. This strategic partnership positions HubSpot to create a robust, enduring business by combining its powerful platform with Clearbit's invaluable dataset to support scaling companies in reaching more customers effectively.