IBM acquires Manta Software Inc

Acquisition Aims to Ensure Data Quality and Transparency in AI Integration

IBM acquires Manta Software Inc

IBM continues its pursuit of strengthening its foothold in data and AI governance by announcing its acquisition of Manta Software Inc. The acquisition of Manta Software, renowned for its data lineage platform, is set to complement IBM's offerings within,, and watsonx.governance, aligning with the core principles of trust and transparency.

As businesses worldwide embrace AI integration into their operational workflows and grapple with increasingly intricate data landscapes, data quality and explainability have taken on pivotal roles in their strategies and systems. IBM's 2023 CEO study revealed that the foremost obstacle to the widespread adoption of generative AI is concerns surrounding data lineage or provenance. Organizations are actively seeking robust solutions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the data that underpins their intelligent systems.

Manta Software, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, offers businesses invaluable insights into their data ecosystems. The company delivers a comprehensive map of data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies, empowering businesses to achieve heightened transparency within the watsonx ecosystem. This strategic move equips businesses with the tools they need to verify whether the data used for their AI models and systems is appropriate, trace its origin, understand its evolution, and identify any discrepancies in data flows. Through the provision of an audit trail, Manta Software also aids businesses in identifying and anonymizing sensitive data, thus reducing the risk of exposure and regulatory violations.

IBM's collaboration with Manta Software in this domain dates back to June 2022, and the two companies have already been offering integrated capabilities within IBM's AI and data governance offerings. Some of Manta Software's esteemed clients include prominent brands such as T-Mobile, BMO, J.B. Hunt, and SCP Health.

This marks IBM's eighth acquisition in 2023 as the company, under the leadership of CEO Arvind Krishna since April 2020, continues to expand its footprint in the realms of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). While the financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed, this acquisition signifies another step in IBM's ongoing mission to enhance data and AI governance capabilities.

In a world where data and AI are redefining the boundaries of innovation, IBM's acquisition of Manta Software underscores its commitment to providing businesses with the necessary tools to navigate these transformative landscapes.