Intel and DigitalBridge Unveil Articul8, a New Enterprise Generative AI Company

Articul8's GenAI software platform promises speed, security, and cost-efficiency, empowering large enterprises to implement and expand AI capabilities seamlessly.

Intel and DigitalBridge Unveil Articul8, a New Enterprise Generative AI Company
Image / Intel

Intel Corporation and DigitalBridge Group, Inc. have jointly announced the establishment of Articul8 AI, (Articul8), an independent enterprise specializing in delivering a comprehensive and secure generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) software platform. This platform provides a vertically optimized stack of AI capabilities ensuring stringent security protocols and flexible deployment options for businesses.

Leveraging intellectual property and technology developed at Intel, Articul8 aims to empower enterprise customers with AI capabilities while ensuring data integrity, training, and inference within the fortified enterprise security perimeter. The platform also extends deployment choices, allowing for cloud, on-premises, or hybrid setups to meet diverse enterprise needs.

Articul8 AI emerges from an extensive collaboration between Intel and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with its inception stemming from a proof-of-concept involving a robust generative AI system. Initially developed within Intel over a span of two years, this advanced system was tailored to meet BCG's stringent security prerequisites, particularly in processing text and images within BCG's data centers.

Arun Subramaniyan, formerly a Vice President and General Manager at Intel’s Data Center and AI Group, takes the helm as CEO of Articul8, steering the company toward achieving its strategic objectives.

Intel's CEO Pat Gelsinger expressed enthusiasm about Articul8's potential, citing its AI and high-performance computing expertise as a means to drive substantial business outcomes for Intel and its ecosystem. Gelsinger highlighted Intel's commitment to pervasive AI adoption and emphasized the company's collaboration with Articul8 in this endeavor.

DigitalBridge Ventures, the venture arm of DigitalBridge, led the investment in Articul8, supported by a syndicate of well-established venture investors. This includes Fin Capital, Mindset Ventures, Communitas Capital, GiantLeap Capital, GS Futures, and Zain Group, all taking an equity stake in the company.

Marc Ganzi, CEO of DigitalBridge, noted the pivotal role GenAI plays in modern enterprises and expressed confidence in Articul8's scalable and adaptable GenAI software platform. Ganzi emphasized the significance of supporting Articul8's growth in collaboration with Intel.

Rich Lesser, Global Chair of BCG, highlighted the importance of GenAI in their clients' business strategies, acknowledging the deployment of Articul8's products for clients seeking production-ready platforms with swift time-to-market.

As an independent entity backed by substantial industry investment, Articul8 is set to fast-track its go-to-market strategy and expand its product offerings within the broader GenAI ecosystem.