Microsoft Education Unveils AI Innovations for Productivity and Personalized Learning

Microsoft introduces new AI features, including expanded Copilot availability and Loop in education, along with AI-driven tools like Reading Coach to enhance reading experiences.

Microsoft Education Unveils AI Innovations for Productivity and Personalized Learning
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Microsoft Education has announced a series of AI innovations aimed at enhancing productivity and personalizing learning experiences. The latest updates include the expansion of Copilot availability, the introduction of Loop to education, and the unveiling of AI-powered tools such as Reading Coach. These advancements align with Microsoft's commitment to building AI literacy and promoting online safety and wellness for youth.

Expanded Copilot Availability and Loop Integration
Last month, Microsoft expanded Copilot availability for education audiences, offering commercial data protection to faculty and higher education students aged 18 and above. On January 1, 2024, education faculty and staff became eligible to purchase Copilot for Microsoft 365. Notable organizations, including The University of Hong Kong, The University of Manchester, and GEMS Education, have embraced Copilot as early adopters. Microsoft Loop, a flexible AI-powered collaboration app, will be included in Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 plans, including Student Use Benefit, starting in early March 2024.

Transforming Reading Experiences with Reading Coach
Reading Coach, a Learning Accelerator powered by generative AI, has been enhanced to provide personalized and engaging reading experiences. Fluent reading is a crucial factor in a student's academic success, and Reading Coach leverages AI to offer dynamically created stories that adapt to individual reading levels and challenges. Students have the autonomy to select story elements, influencing the plot as they read. Reading Coach, available on the web and as a Windows App, will be accessible at no cost to anyone with a Microsoft account. It will also integrate with popular Learning Management Systems like Canvas.

Saving Time and Differentiating Instruction
Microsoft Teams for Education and Microsoft Reflect will receive new AI-driven features to save educators time and tailor content. AI tools in Teams generate content such as reading passages, comprehension questions, rubrics, and assignment instructions. Educators retain control over content creation, with options to review drafts, make edits, or discard generated content. Classwork module generation in Teams simplifies content creation for educators, and AI-driven enhancements in Assignments offer opportunities to emphasize key content, simplify, or add more detail. Microsoft Reflect, designed to help students express their emotions, can now generate options for learners to specify reasons behind their emotions, aiding educators in providing targeted support.

Building AI Literacy for Educators and Students
To support AI literacy, Microsoft is launching the AI for Educators Learning Path on Microsoft Learn. This three-module course empowers educators to explore the potential of AI, enhance teaching and learning with Copilot, and equip learners with AI tools from Microsoft. Additionally, the AI Classroom Toolkit blends narrative stories with instructional information, creating immersive learning experiences for educators and students to safely discover, interact, and create with AI.

These AI innovations reflect Microsoft Education's commitment to advancing technology in education, fostering personalized learning, and ensuring educators and students are equipped with the necessary tools for the digital age.