Microsoft Offer Copilot Access with $20 Consumer AI Subscription

Subscribers can use the advanced model during peak times, switch between models, and create custom chatbots using the upcoming Copilot GPT Builder tool.

Microsoft Offer Copilot Access with $20 Consumer AI Subscription
Image / Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft is broadening access to its artificial intelligence (AI) Copilot by introducing a subscription service called Copilot Pro, priced at $20 per month for individual consumers. This move is part of Microsoft's strategy to extend its AI offerings beyond large enterprises and increase sales among consumers and small businesses.

The Copilot Pro subscription provides enhanced capabilities, including a text-drafting and number-crunching AI assistant integrated into widely used Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel. Subscribers will also gain access to new tools and AI models, starting with GPT-4 Turbo.

Microsoft had initially introduced a free AI Copilot for its Bing search engine, and now the Copilot Pro subscription aims to bring advanced AI features directly into Microsoft's popular productivity applications. This move is seen as a strategic step to capture a larger consumer market.

The company is also removing the previous 300-person minimum requirement for the enterprise version of Copilot. This means smaller businesses can now access security controls and Microsoft Teams upgrades that come with the $30 per-month per-user Copilot subscription, making it more accessible to a broader range of businesses.

Microsoft expects a significant adoption of Copilot Pro among its business customers, with Corporate Vice President Jared Spataro expressing confidence that virtually all commercial organizations will consider purchasing at least one seat of Copilot to explore its capabilities.

In the competitive landscape of AI for productivity and cloud software, Microsoft faces competition from Alphabet's Google. Copilot Pro's integration into everyday applications is highlighted as a key differentiator, emphasizing its seamless integration into users' daily workflows.