Samsung Unveils Galaxy S24 Lineup with AI-Enhanced Features

AI isn't just limited to image editing and search functionalities. The Galaxy S24 series introduces on-demand language translation and live transcription features.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S24 Lineup with AI-Enhanced Features
Photo by Babak Habibi / Unsplash

Samsung has officially launched its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 smartphone range, introducing a slew of artificial intelligence (AI) features designed to redefine the smartphone experience. The new lineup includes three models: the Galaxy S24, S24+, and the flagship S24 Ultra.

Priced at $800, $1,000, and $1,300 respectively, the S24 series boasts a sleek design and notable improvements, with the Ultra model featuring a titanium casing for enhanced durability. However, the true star of the show is the integration of advanced AI functionalities that Samsung hopes will set its smartphones apart in an increasingly competitive market.

The South Korean tech giant is placing a significant emphasis on on-device AI processing, a departure from the cloud-dependent AI services of the past. This move aligns with the industry trend of incorporating AI directly into devices to provide users with faster and more responsive experiences.

One standout feature is the AI-powered photo editing capability, allowing users to manipulate images with unprecedented ease. The Galaxy S24 Ultra's AI can seamlessly remove reflections, change backgrounds, and even perform intricate edits with just a few taps. This marks a notable leap forward in the democratization of advanced photo editing tools, traditionally reserved for professional software.

During the Unpacked event, Samsung demonstrated the functionality of Live Translation, showcasing a scenario where a user, unfamiliar with Spanish, successfully made a restaurant reservation. The conversation unfolded seamlessly within the native Call app, with translations occurring immediately after each participant spoke, fostering effective communication despite language barriers.

Drew Blackard, Samsung's VP of Product Management, likened the Live Translation feature to having a personal interpreter during phone calls. The feature will initially support audio and text translations for up to 13 languages. Crucially, all translations take place on the device, ensuring the privacy of users' phone calls.

In the realm of augmented reality, the Galaxy S24 series introduces a unique AI-driven visual search feature. Users can simply draw a circle around objects in the real world using their smartphone camera, triggering an intelligent search for related information online. Whether identifying landmarks or searching for products, this innovative feature showcases Samsung's commitment to integrating AI seamlessly into everyday tasks.

Privacy concerns related to AI-generated content have been addressed with a thoughtful approach. Samsung ensures transparency by logging AI edits in metadata and introducing watermarks, providing users with clear indicators when content has been manipulated using AI. This move aligns with industry efforts to mitigate the risks associated with deepfake content and unauthorized use of AI-generated media.

Samsung's latest flagship series aims to rekindle consumer interest in smartphones, particularly at a time when incremental hardware updates have contributed to a slowdown in sales. By placing AI at the forefront of innovation, Samsung seeks to not only differentiate its products but also lay the groundwork for a new era of smartphone capabilities.