Victoria's Secret Teams Up with Google Cloud AI to Revolutionize Shopping Experience

The brand is also tapping into computer vision for an AI-powered visual product search, allowing shoppers to upload images for personalized recommendations—an initiative launched in 2023, building on the brand's existing foundation of AI-driven innovation.

Victoria's Secret Teams Up with Google Cloud AI to Revolutionize Shopping Experience
Photo by Rajeshwar Bachu / Unsplash

Victoria’s Secret, the renowned lingerie and beauty retailer, has entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for a transformative impact on both customer experiences and internal operations.

At the heart of this collaboration is the integration of AI solutions to enhance the online shopping experience for Victoria's Secret customers, making it more personalized and inclusive. Leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, the company plans to introduce an AI-powered conversational assistant on its website and mobile app. This virtual shopper advisor, or chatbot, is designed to provide tailored product recommendations and personalized advice to each customer, replicating the empathetic interactions experienced in-store.

A notable feature is the introduction of an AI-powered product search, allowing customers to upload images of desired products, such as a specific style of bra. The system will then generate recommendations for similar items currently available in the lineup, offering a more intuitive and efficient shopping experience.

Chris Rupp, Chief Customer Officer at Victoria’s Secret, expressed the brand's commitment to leveraging AI for replicating in-store associate interactions with empathy and care. The move towards next-generation technologies reflects Victoria's Secret's dedication to enhancing customer engagement and staying at the forefront of innovation.

The collaboration's timing coincides with Victoria's Secret's recent acquisition of AdoreMe, a direct-to-consumer brand already utilizing AI. AdoreMe's existing generative AI capabilities, powered by Google Cloud, will seamlessly integrate across Victoria's Secret & Co.’s portfolio of brands, contributing to digitally driven growth strategies.

Beyond enhancing customer experience, Victoria’s Secret aims to optimize internal operations using AI. This includes leveraging Vertex AI for supply chain forecasting and analyzing customer sentiment to accelerate product development cycles. Google Cloud's Looker business intelligence tool will play a crucial role in visualizing trends and insights.

For human resources, the collaboration will explore the potential of Google's generative AI in automating onboarding and training programs, streamlining administrative tasks, and more.

As the partnership unfolds, customers can anticipate a more personalized, inclusive, and technologically advanced shopping experience, solidifying Victoria's Secret & Co.'s commitment to staying ahead in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative collaboration, set to redefine the future of intimate apparel shopping.